Every spring the blackbirds and starlings return to Ottawa to nest and spend the summer.

Though Blackbirds and Starlings will nest about anywhere, one of their favorite spots is wall vents. Years ago they only nested in vents where the flaps have been removed; lately, Blackbirds and Starlings have figured out how to lift the flaps and get in. Once in, they stuff the pipe full of nesting material that will cut down on air flow. This can create a dangerous situation in a dryer vent – if something sets a spark off when the dryer is operating, fire is a possibility.

Another situation that commonly occurs when pipes are clogged is the introduction of bird mites and maggots. These can move into the house area.

Heritage Wildlife Management offers a variety of ways to humanely help you get rid of these birds from your home and property depending on the situation. Exclusion work will ensure birds cannot re-enter but still allow adequate airflow.

After an onsite inspection of your property, Heritage Wildlife Management Inc will provide a written estimate that will outline the costs involved for the bird work required.

Our work is guaranteed.