Mice Related Complaints and Potential Risks

The Common Mouse or Mice

The mouse that is most commonly found in the Ottawa area is the house mouse. They are unable to tolerate temperatures below -10°C. Therefore, during the winter, rodents try hard to find a warm space to occupy. Mice are highly adaptable and can rapidly multiply. They spend a lot of their time in attics, garages, basements, and kitchens. Mice are often found in attics since they are very good climbers. It is very important to take control of the problem as soon as possible – particularly if they have access to food inside your house. Mice are nocturnal. Therefore, it is very rare to see them but they always leave signs behind them.

Sign of Mice Infestation

The following are some signs you may have mice:

  • Entry points/Holes in walls
  • Urine Smells
  • Sounds in walls or scratching in ceilings at night
  • mouse droppings
  • gnawing on furniture
  • getting into food packaging
  • encounters with children or pets

Why Mice or Mouse Removal & Control Is Important

It is critical to deal with any mouse infestation as soon as possible and before they begin breeding and multiplying. If you do not address the problem you risk suffering some very severe problems. While they are looking in your kitchen pantry and cupboards for something to eat, they could contaminate your food in the process. They can gnaw their way very easily into many types of food containers. They can leave droppings everywhere – up to 75 times per day – which makes mice a very unhygienic and messy pest.

Having mice indoors is definitely a nuisance that many people in Ontario experience. Their speed and size frequently make it tricky to catch them. There are numerous DIY methods that can be found online, in addition to convenience stores and hardware stores selling various poisons and materials that can be used for removing mice. The problem is, when the materials are used improperly, there are high risks. Using mice removal methods improperly is ineffective and in some cases, unfortunately, it can result in a child or pet getting hurt. That is why the best solution is to call a professional service to remove the mice for you.

We deal with removing mice efficiently and professionally.

How We Can Help

  • Trapping
  • Elimination through bating in safe traps
  • Elimination through bating in safe stations
  • Entryway Sealing
  • Exclusion / Proofing Techniques

Mice Removal Procedures

We can help you with your mice control problems. We can come out to your business or home and offer you a consultation for your individual mice removal problem and then remove them from your site in an appropriate manner. Your property will be inspected for any holes in your property’s infrastructure where the mice might have been getting in and identify any problems on your property that might be attracting mice to it. We will use the best method for eliminating mice off of your property using traps, exclusion, or bait.

Mice/Mouse Removal / Control Service Process

If you see mice or signs of mice on your property, contact us. You may try and alleviate the problem yourself but it can be a frustrating process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before long your home could be over run with mice. They reproduce every 30 days.

Leave this to us… We will make to conduct all processes and methods humanely.

  1. Connect with us, we’ll then call you to get some more information about the issues your facing. We’ll set up an appointment with you to come and inspect and assess your situation.
  2. We’ll come out to your business or home. Oh, and we show up in unmarked vehicles so not to alarm your neighbours and maintain the privacy of your issue. We’ll complete the inspection and assessment and offer you a value proposal and written estimate for your individual mice removal problem and proofing of the property.
  3. If the proposal is accepted and we’re able to do the work immediately, we’ll get started right away.

Our work is guaranteed

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