Raccoons ( Procyon Lator) have very distinctive markings. They have a predominant black mask over their eyes and a heavy fur ringed tail.

Raccoon fur colour is normally grey but some area raccoons can have a shade of corncob yellow.

Raccoons are stocky, solid animals about 2 to 3 feet long and weigh up to 30 lbs, depending on age and season of the year.

Raccoons in Ottawa emit several sounds including chirps, coos, chatter, distress calls, and purrs. Often the young raccoons cry when the mother raccoons leave them alone through the night time, returning by early morning. They can live up to 12 years.

Raccoons in the wild are part of the ecosystem. When they come in contact with humans they can spread raccoon rabies. Currently, there are over 300 cases of raccoon rabies in the Hamilton, ON area. It is spreading north to the Toronto area.

Another health concern raccoons present is that its feces contain raccoon roundworm. This can cause blindness, brain damage and even death in humans. Raccoons are not only a carrier of roundworm disease, but they are also the definite host.

A third reason not to have raccoons in your dwelling is the physical damage they do to insulation, damage to wiring and damage to roofs, vents, soffits, and air vents and air quality.

These are the common signs that raccoons are in your residence:

  • look for openings above the downspouts and where the soffit meets the roof (interface area)
  • roof vents, wall vents, and shingles are ripped off or damaged -rotten boards are torn off
  • cat doors offer entry points for raccoons, too

Raccoons will rip up lawns digging for grubs. On farms, raccoons will kill poultry and eat chicken eggs, along with raccoons eating sweet corn and watermelons.

It is important to have raccoons removed from residential and commercial buildings as soon as possible. Heritage Wildlife Management offers a variety of ways to help you get rid of Raccoons from your home and property depending on the situation. Exclusion work will ensure Raccoons will not get back inside. Full clean up and disinfection of the area is available as well.

After an onsite inspection of your property, Heritage Wildlife Management Inc. will provide a written estimate that will outline the costs involved to solve the problem and remove the Raccoon(s).

Heritage Wildlife management company is a raccoon removal specialist service business in the Ottawa area.   Our work is guaranteed.  Call us today.

We can also help with problems like bats or mouse infestations, migratory bird problems, or test for other issues.