Skunks are members of the weasel family. and have black fur with a white stripe down it’s back. Their legs are short and stocky and they have large feet which equip them well for digging.

Skunks are best known for their ability to spray a nauseating musk and are capable of several discharges. Striped skunks are the size of an ordinary cat, about 29 inches long and weigh about 8 pounds. Skunk noises range from screeches to whimpers to chirps.

Skunks are not normally an aggressive animal. Certainly, avoid cornering them. When confronted, skunks will raise their tail, stomp their front feet and look like they will charge at you. Back away SLOWLY.

Skunk smells may be more noticeable in late January and February. If a female skunk does not wish to mate, it will spray the interested male skunk.

If an aggressive skunk is near, call Heritage Wildlife Management or the local Health Unit for possible rabies. Cases of skunk rabies have been confirmed in Southern Ontario.

Skunks are great diggers. They are known to dig around foundations. Rainwater seeps in and undermines the cement. Skunks are well known for digging circular holes in lawns or lifting up large chunks of sod as they look for grubs.

Heritage Wildlife Management offers a variety of ways to remove Skunks from your home and property depending on the situation. Exclusion work will ensure Skunks will not get back inside. We offer an additional service of fogging to eliminate the skunk odors.

After an on-site inspection of your property, Heritage Wildlife Management Inc will provide a written estimate that will outline the costs involved for the Skunk removal work required. Our work is guaranteed.