Muskrat Related Complaints and Potential Risks

Along the bank of your pond, creek or ditch the ground is falling in. The culvert or tile is blocked by grass. Muskrats may be the issue.


Muskrats are a stout medium sized rodent that adapts to the water quite well. It has a broad head with short ears that just peek out from their fur. Their soft brown coat is pretty much waterproof. Its tail is similar to that of a rat, hence the name, almost hairless, long and slim. The muskrat is quite adapted to the water.

Common Muskrat Signs

The following are some common signs of beaver reaping havoc:

  • large dens built above water in ponds and marshes.
  • damaged gardens and crops.
  • evidence of burrowing.

Other structural damage such as to dikes, dams and irrigation may occur as an indication of their burrowing.

Why Muskrat Removal Is Important

Muskrats have the potential to produce two to three litter per year, with four to eight young in each litter. This problem can quickly get out of hand.

We deal with removing muskrat efficiently, professionally, and humanely.

How We Can Help

  • Muskrat Removal
  • Den Destruction and Removal
  • Exclusion / Proofing Techniques

Adult Muskrat Removal Procedures

If there are muskrat on your property, allow the professionals to handle the problem. Do not put yourself at risk of getting bitten. We’ll come to your land or property, inspect and offer a thorough outline of what your specific problem is, and provide you with an estimate.

Removal Service Process

If you find muskrat or evidence of muskrat on your property, contact a wildlife control professional. Do not approach it. People often try to trap muskrat themselves or offer them food. However, it is very important to not attempt to do this yourself. Muskrat can be aggressive against humans, pets, and other animals. They may bite upon contact.

Leave this to us… We will make to conduct all processes and methods humanely.

  1. Connect with us, we’ll then call you to get some more information about the issues your facing. We’ll set up an appointment with you to come and inspect and assess your situation.
  2. We’ll come out to your business or home. Oh, and we show up in unmarked vehicles so not to alarm your neighbours and maintain the privacy of your issue. We’ll complete the inspection and assessment and offer you a value proposal and written estimate for your individual muskrat removal problem and proofing of the area.
  3. Once the proposal is accepted and we’re able to do the work immediately, we’ll get started right away to begin the muskrat removal process

In Ontario, there are laws regarding the dealings with muskrat.

Rehabilitation of wildlife is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. This includes muskrat and they dealt with humanely within the restrictions of the law.

Our work is guaranteed.

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