Squirrel Related Complaints and Potential Risks


These adorable furry mammals can easily be spotted running through local parks, zooming up trees, and even in some instances, they can be found in the attic or walls of your home. Red Squirrels will also carry in pine cones, nuts and leaves into a home interior as they attempt to create nests or store food. 


Squirrels are great at adapting to just about any situation that they are faced with. For them to survive through different neighbourhoods, they must adapt to stay alive. If ever they’re faced with a situation of no food, they’ll travel miles to find a new food source. In the urban areas, the squirrel population tends to be very healthy due to the presence of nut trees, coniferous trees and a proliferation of bird feeders.


Squirrels carry many parasites and diseases – like ticks, mange, and fleas on their bodies and also in their droppings.  

Potential Damage

While squirrels exist in our forests and parks, they simply do not belong in our workplaces or our homes. When squirrels live in your homes, they can cause a series of damages from biting encounters to clawing their way through different parts of your home. Squirrels can also cause fires by chewing on electrical wires and lines. In severe cases, their chewing can weaken rafters. The constant sounds of them in your ceilings and wall spaces can be very unsettling to the home occupants. 

If ever you are faced with a squirrel situation, or you want to prevent these issues from occurring, be sure to call Heritage Wildlife Management for the most efficient squirrel removal services. We’re not only efficient but we’re also effective and humane at what we do. 

Common Squirrel Signs

The following are some common signs of squirrel infiltration:

  • look for damage to insulation, wiring, roofs, vents, soffit, and air vents.
  • look for openings above the downspouts and where the soffit meets the roof (interface area).
  • look for torn off or chewed roof vents, wall vents, and / or shingles are ripped off or damaged.
  • Remember, cat doors offer entry points for squirrels as well.

When they eventually get to a settlement with easy access to food, they’ll make it their new home. Squirrel nests are better known as dreys, which are crafted very high in the trees. If for some reason there are no trees close by, they’ll lookout for the next best thing. In other words, your home or business 

Squirrels are quite a nuisance for homeowners since they chew through everything. However, stone and metal are two of the main materials that they won’t chew. Due to their chewing abilities, they can get into just about every place in your home.  

Why Squirrel Removal Is Important

It is important to have squirrels removed from residential and commercial buildings as soon as possible.

If you leave these squirrels in your home or business, they will cause damages to your electrical components, your insulation, and even your siding. If nothing is done about this situation, you’ll have an entire family living in your attic in not time at all.  

Heritage Wildlife Management will ensure your squirrels are removed effectively, efficiently, and humanely. In most instances, persons trying the DIY route only end up with invasions or even dangerous situations. Wildlife removals should only be done by trained experts.

How We Can Help

  • Adult Squirrel Removal
  • Squirrel Removal from Attic
  • Squirrel Prevention
  • Entryway Sealing
  • Exclusion / Proofing Techniques

Adult Squirrel Removal Procedures

If there is a squirrel on your property, allow the professionals to handle the problem. Don’t put yourself at risk of getting bitten. We’ll come to your house, inspect your property (extensions, porches, shed, deck) and offer a thorough outline of what your specific problem is, locate the main entry point, what your options are, and provide you with an estimate.

In the past, trapping squirrels was the widely accepted practice to solve this problem. Trapping squirrels only removed the squirrel, still leaving an entry point for other squirrels and animals to invade the home. Today Heritage Wildlife Management offers total home exclusion for squirrels and many other wildlife issues. Only as a last resort is a squirrel trapper required for trapping squirrels and is done within the guidelines from the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

If baby squirrels are present, every attempt is made available for the mother squirrel to remove them safely from a home herself. Baby squirrel removal can be a challenge as the mother squirrels are very protective and aggressive when they sense their young are in danger. 

As a means of stopping the squirrels from entering through other weak points, preventative methods will be used. So, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Removal Service Process

After conducting a thorough inspection of your home, we will be better equipped to provide you with the details of our plan of action. We’ll also properly inform you of the problem based on the observations and close inspection by our highly trained technicians. Our technicians will also properly explain to you the different points of entry that are used and even potential entry points.

As such, various options will be provided for your special situation and we’ll even have them tailored to better suit your property. Our company uses quality materials to seal your home. 

Leave this to us… We will make to conduct all processes and methods humanely.

  1. Connect with us, we’ll then call you to get some more information about the issues your facing. We’ll set up an appointment with you to come and inspect and assess your situation.
  2. We’ll come out to your business or home. Oh, and we show up in unmarked vehicles so not to alarm your neighbours and maintain the privacy of your issue. We’ll complete the inspection and assessment and offer you a value proposal and written estimate for your individual squirrel removal problem and proofing of the property.
  3. Once the proposal is accepted and we’re able to do the work immediately, we’ll get started right away and perform a humane squirrel removal.
  4. Heritage Wildlife Management uses commercial grade building materials to get squirrels out and seal your home or property ,so no more squirrels can get inside. We also color match any material going on to your property to keep your home looking beautiful

In Ontario, there are laws regarding the dealings with squirrels.

Rehabilitation of wildlife is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. This includes squirrels and they’re dealt with humanely within the restrictions of the law.

We’ve been successfully preventing and removing squirrels from homes and businesses for years. Our team of licensed and highly trained technicians is effective and exceptional for removing squirrels in the most humane way possible. As such, we ensure that you’ll definitely get the results that you’re looking for. If you want to keep pesky squirrels off of your property or you want to remove them in a hurry.

Our work is guaranteed.

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