Starling and Black Bird Removal, Related Complaints and Potential Risks

While birds are wonderful to watch and delightful to the ear, they can be inconvenient as neighbors and you probably don’t want to have one making itself comfortable in your home. If birds are allowed into your home or building, they can cause a variety of problems best avoided.

This is where we can help you evict your winged squatters in the most effective and human manner possible.


Though Blackbirds and Starlings will nest about anywhere, one of their favorite spots is wall vents. Years ago they only nested in vents where the flaps had been removed, however, lately they’ve figured out how to lift the flaps and get in. Once in, they stuff the pipe full of nesting material that will cut down on air flow. This can create a dangerous situation in a dryer vent – if something sets a spark off when the dryer is operating, fire is a possibility.


Another situation that commonly occurs when pipes are clogged is the introduction of bird mites and maggots. These can move into the house area and put your family and pets at risk. Bird droppings contain a wide range of pathogens that can have a variety of negative effects of human health, e. coli and salmonella are two examples. Furthermore, spores in bird droppings can cause more health hazards if inhaled.

Fire Hazards

Exhaust vents, chimneys, roof vents and hoods are no place for birds and their nests. A blockage can cause overheating of appliances as well, a combustible nest materials has been introduced into the duct which can ignite and catch fire. This issue must be dealt with ASAP

Bird Related Complaints

The following are common Starlings and Blackbirds complaints:

  • I can hear birds in my bathroom fan vent
  • There are birds nest materials sticking out of my exterior vent
  • I hear baby birds in my bathroom or attic

Why Starling & Bird Removal Is Important

Starlings are well-known for its their noise, feces, and odor and should not be residing in your place of work or living in your house. Birds have been invading people’s properties for many years, and if this is something you are experiencing right now, then you most likely want to solve this problem as soon as possible before any damage is incurred. We use efficient, humane, and effective bird removal methods to eliminate them from your home or business.

Furthermore, we understand the entire list of issues that are caused by a bird in the home or building and we ensure that each of them is addressed before we call our job complete.

Above all, our bird removal services are efficient, effective in the long term and completely humane.

We deal with removing birds efficiently, professionally, and humanely.

How We Can Help

  • Bird Removal
  • Bird Nest Removal
  • Bird Control
  • Bird Prevention

If you notice an unusual sounds in your attic, roof, vents or chimneys, call Heritage Wildlife Management. We know birds and we have the skills and experience to provide effective bird removal services for your residential, commercial or industrial location. We understand the problem with having birds inside and we also know the best way to solve this particular problem.

If you currently have black birds, starlings or any bird breed in your workplace, home, or another area, there are certain things that need to be considered. With years of experience under our belt, we can solve the issue with the birds without causing any other catastrophes.

Bird Removal Service Process

If you find or hear birds and think they’ve gotten inside you home , give us a call…

Leave this to us… We will make to conduct all processes and methods humanely.

  1. Connect with us, we’ll then call you to get some more information about the issues your facing. We’ll set up an appointment with you to come and inspect and assess your situation.
  2. We’ll come out to your business or home. Oh, and we show up in unmarked vehicles so not to alarm your neighbours and maintain the privacy of your issue. We’ll complete the inspection and assessment and offer you a value proposal and written estimate for your individual bird removal problem and proofing of the property.
  3. If the proposal is accepted and we’re able to do the work immediately, we’ll get started right away and perform a humane bird removal.

Bird Prevention Methods

One of the most important ways to prevent and evict a bird tenant is to remove all elements that would attract an opportunistic bird to your home or building. There are also deterrents like one way doors, spikes, scare tactics, netting and other traps that can be used to keep birds from getting too cozy in your building. Spikes are probably the most common technique as they are effective, humane and not to costly either.

Bird Spikes

Spikes are installed along flat surfaces that birds would otherwise choose as a decent perch or it to build a nest. Spikes are a good tactic against birds as birds will not go near them. Spikes will never hurt the birds because birds are smart enough to keep their distance and will not even land near them. While spikes don’t do a lot for the aesthetics of your property, they do look better than unsightly bird feces and are not a health risk either.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is used to keep birds from entering larger outdoor enclosures like parking garages and large balconies and terraces. A steel cable is laid around the perimeter of the area that will be covered. The bird netting will then be attached with rings to this steel cable. As a permanent solution, you can expect this to provide excellent control.

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