There are plenty of reasons to make an investment to ensure that no wildlife enters your home or business.

Wildlife prevention is the best action you can take towards preventing wildlife from entering your property. The wildlife prevention methods keep animals away, preventing home damage, and keeping everything mess-free. If there has been an ongoing wildlife issue and it was not dealt with, many insurance companies will refuse to compensate for damages ex. Fire due to chewed wires ect. If you’ve already begun facing wildlife challenges, you can act now to ensure the animals don’t return. Protect yourself from injury, sickness and loss by handling wildlife, messes, and damages begin by making your property wildlife-proof.

Wildlife Prevention

Wildlife has always been a part of our community, however, an increase has been reported and is escalating annually. Wild animals continue to get into the busy urban neighbourhoods in search of food as well as shelter. Whereas they used to live in a forest, they’ve now settled into areas full of humans and nuisances for people in Ottawa, drawn by nut trees (as in the Glebe and Rockcliffe areas), bird feeders, gardens and garbage. We all enjoy watching wildlife from a distance, but it becomes problematic when they’re too close and on an individual’s property.


Some people might not see anything wrong with having wildlife on their property, but others may dislike this, especially when the following happens: Wildlife in the attics, garage, basements that could cause problems to your electrical wiring, tamper with the insulation and leave harmful feces around the place. Besides damaging the property, the animals pose a health risk with the pests they harbor, diseases they hold as well as the feces they release.

Heritage Wildlife Management exclusion services prevent wildlife from entering your home and reduce the risk posed to you, those you love, and your pets, and avoid facing wildlife problems in the long-term.

Our wildlife prevention services prevent wildlife from entering your home, at first, and then reduce the risk posed to you, those you love, and your pets. To avoid facing wildlife problems in the long-term.

It’s advisable to seek these wildlife prevention and proofing services earlier, rather than incurring the expense of removal later, including the repair to damages caused by these intrusive animals.

Prevention Services

We use methods that ensure the animals are removed from the home without hurting you or the animal. We trace the location of the animals, decide on the best method of extraction, and then remove the wildlife. During this process, we’ll also conduct a thorough inspection of the place around your home to spot any animals, entry-spaces, and potential entry-areas.

Heritage Wildlife Management will give you a plan to keep all the wildlife out permanently .We will give the estimate it will cost and prioritize which preventive measures should be taken first.  

We guarantee the area we proof will be intact unless someone tampers with it.

Wildlife Proofing Chimneys

Chimneys are common means animals use to enter your property. To prevent such cases, chimneys need to be covered well. We offer animal proofing. Heritage Wildlife Management offers a roof inspection and recommendations to prevent future wildlife damage.

Wildlife Proofing Roofs

In some cases, wildlife may damage parts of your roof and use these as entry-points. Squirrels, raccoons, bats and starling can get in through your roof. Raccoons and squirrels can sense air flow through a damaged or old roof and chew through your roof, vents, and around stack vents.

Wildlife Proofing Ground

Some animal species use the ground a lot more than the roof areas to enter your home or property. They could be mice, rats, red squirrel ,chipmunks and snakes. Yes snakes. Snakes enter homes looking for mice. Heritage Wildlife Management will do an inspection and write up an estimate to solve your wildlife issues. They will give you a game plan to a permanent solution

Tips to Prevent Wildlife

There are lots of tips you can use to prevent animals from getting to your home. Here are just a few …

  1. You can try and discover what the wild animals love to feed on. Look to bird feeders, garbage, your garden, nut trees. Your neighbours may be feeding them. We have lots of information about various wildlife on our website wildlife removal services menu and in our blog.
  2. Checking for holes or openings in the roof, basement, or porch from time to time.  Call  Heritage Wildlife Management if you find entry holes.
  3. Cut any overhanging branches that can allow wildlife getting onto the roof causing damage or even worse, making a home of your attic. Overhanging limbs may also be damaging your roof.
  4. Place garbage in a container with a lid that’s sealable and/or lockable to prevent the animals from getting in it.
  5. If you have pets, always store their pet food inside to avoid attracting wild animals.
  6. Lastly, birds and other small animals, may use the chimney to get into your home. To prevent this from happening you can install some unique caps or wrap the chimney cap with wire mesh and secure with wire. If you make any alteration to any fuel burning appliance vents, be sure you have your HVAC professional check after you’ve finished and to ensure you haven’t caused any venting restriction.